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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you help with vaccines?

No. We consider things like vaccines, nail trims, and yearly check-ups part of routine pet ownership. These are expenses the owner should be able to plan for. 

We have a medical emergency. Can you help?

We look at each case individually. We talk to the owners and see exactly what their situation is as well as the medical situation of the animal. When we are able to help we ask that owners work out a payment plan to repay us for the vet bills. 

I can't keep my pet. Can you take it? 

We do not have a building or anywhere to house rescue animals. The few we do have in our care are in foster homes. We cannot take in an animal unless we find a foster. If you'd like to become a foster, please fill out our form here.  We can also do a courtesy post on our Facebook page. We need a photo and information such as name, age, size, the reason you are rehoming, and general information about the pet; likes, dislikes, how the animal gets along with kids, dogs, cats, etc. 

I found an animal and I can't keep it. What do I do?

You need to contact the North Platte Animal Shelter at 308-535-6780 during business hours or dispatch at 308-535-6789 and an officer can meet you at the shelter. 

I think my neighbor is neglecting their pets. How can I help? 

Check out our page on what to do if you suspect animal abuse here

Where can I send donations? 

You can send it to PO Box 1145, North Platte NE. 69103

 I filled out an application for assistance and I haven't heard back yet. 

We are a group of volunteers and most of us work full time. Please allow 24 hours for us to return phone calls and emails. 

I don't have enough pet food. Can you help? 

Absolutely! Check out the North Platte Pet Food Pantry for more information!

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