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Be Responsi-Bull

In an effort to reduce the number of bully breeds in the Lincoln County area, PAWS-itive Partners sponsored Be Responsi-Bull in 2015. We implemented a spay/neuter program for lower income bully breed owners. They pay $35.00 for a spay or neuter and Paws-itive Partners picks up the rest.  We have 100% participation from the vets in Lincoln County.  In the last 4 years, we have helped fix over 220 bully breeds in the Lincoln County area.


Be Responsi-Bull also educates people about bully breed dogs and their place within our society. It is our belief that the vast majority of dogs are born inherently good, regardless of breed, and should be treated as such. Be Responsi-Bull is dedicated to educating the public on bully breed adoptions, training, and most importantly responsible bully breed ownership. Our mission includes implementing a bully breed spay and neuter program to help reduce overpopulation and

unnecessary breeding. Through education, we want to empower everyone in our community to be able to identify and confidently report people who fight, abuse, and neglect dogs. We hope to be part of the solution to ending breed discrimination (BSL) and provide help in finding safe, happy homes for bully breed dogs.

Due to COVID-19, we are postponing Be Responsi-bull until later this year to help our vets reduce contact with the public. Stay tuned for updates! 

Each year our board reviews the budget and we determine if we are able to continue the campaign. For more information, visit their Facebook page.​

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