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Responsible Pet Ownership

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What does "responsible ownership" mean to you? 

To some, it is being able to meet the basic needs of their pets. All animals need food, water, shelter, and love. But to others, it goes beyond that. It is making sure your pet is well trained, socialized, and making sure you can afford yearly vet check-ups. There isn't a right or wrong definition, but we believe responsible pet ownership is going above and beyond for your pet.  

Adopting an animal is a big decision. There are several questions you need to ask yourself before getting a pet. 

Can I afford this animal? Not just it's food, but vaccines and check-ups, spay/neuter, veterinary emergencies, toys, beds, shelter, fencing to keep it safe. Is this animal going to require frequent grooming?  As your pet grows older it may need things like dental cleanings or arthritis care. Are you able to afford this animal for the rest of its life?

Do I have the necessary time for this pet?  Animals need love, attention, interaction, and socialization almost as much as they need food. Responsible pet ownership means never adopting an animal during times of major stress or life changes. It also means that if our life situation changes (new baby, move, new job) that we make the commitment to help them through the change. Sometimes that means doggy-daycare, a pet sitter, or asking family and friends to help you care for your animal while you adjust to your new situation. Pets are for life. 

Do your homework! Is this the right pet for our family? Some pets require more time and care than others. If you work long hours a dog with separation anxiety will not do well in your home. If you are an active family, you could look into getting an active dog breed. If you are a couch potato, a high energy breed like a german shepherd may not be a good fit for you. Does anyone in your family have allergies? These are all things to consider when adopting a new pet. Do your research on dog breeds and pick a breed (or mix) that will be a good fit for your lifestyle. 

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