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Chaining Dogs

Imagine being tied to a tree with only a 6-foot diameter around you. That is your home. When it's hot, cold, raining, or snowing, you have the same 6 feet. It doesn't matter if you want to go for a walk or get away from the area you use as the bathroom, that is where you must stay.  That is the reality for a dog that is tethered. 

Chaining a dog makes a dog feel unsafe so they react by being bullies and aggressive. Chained dogs can become very territorial of their small space. They are constantly stressed and as a result, are more likely to bite. 


Dogs on chains can become tangled, caught up or hooked on things nearby. They suffer extreme isolation when chained.  Being isolated in a yard causes a lack of socializing and a lack of socializing causes fearfulness. Chained dogs may bark excessively or howl in an attempt to reunite with their family or simply out of boredom and frustration. 


Dogs deserve better than life on a chain.  What can be done about the cruelty of chaining? 


Keep your dog inside.  Of course, dogs love to go for walks, need to go outside to relieve themselves and run around in their fenced yard.  But if your dog is chained, it is alone.  If you leave your dog indoors when you are gone your presence is still felt because of the dog’s sense of belonging within the home.  Outside, your dog is alone whether you are home or not.


If you really don’t want your dog inside most of the time, build a wooden fence, or install a chain link fence or an underground electrical boundary fence.  Ask friends to help you construct a fence in exchange for all the food and beverages they can consume.  Make it a fun time, knowing the effort will result in a happier dog.


As of June 1, 2016, City Ordinance for all Dog Owners in North Platte, NE it is now considered Animal Cruelty/Abuse to have dogs living on a chain that is shorter than 10 feet in length.
Also, dogs can not be chained up with a choke chain or pinch/prong collar. They must also have at all times at least, a 3 sided dog house, fresh water, and shade for the summer.

If you see anyone in violation of these laws, please contact Animal Control at 308-535-6780 or the NP Police Department at 308-535-6789. 

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